Smart Home Device Services

Smart Home Device Installation Services

Smart devices let you control your home’s electronics from your mobile device. You can monitor your home from the office if your home detects unusual entry or activity. Smart devices also let you dim the lights and turn off the stove from the comfort of your couch if you’re settling in for a nap after a hard day at work.

Smart home devices offer a wide range of conveniences and benefits for homeowners including:

  • Easy control of home functions while at the office or away from home.

  • Remote monitoring of porches, backyards, and pets.

  • Increased energy efficiency through smart thermostat installation and detailed analytics.

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Top Residential Smart Home Devices

Start by installing smart devices that make your home safer and more comfortable. Every home is different, and many homeowners choose a combination of these devices to keep their home connected:


  • Video doorbell

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

  • Motion detecting floodlights

Convenience and Comfort

  • Smart thermostat

  • Smart fan speed control

  • Overhead light and lamp dimmers

Many of these smart home devices provide both safety and comfort. Lamp dimmers, for example, can give you control over your home’s lighting when you’re ready for bed and let you customize light patterns during extended vacations, so your home doesn’t appear vacant.

Residential Electrical Technicians from Roselle Electric can retrofit key parts of your home’s electrical system to handle the devices for seamless communication and personal access.

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